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Your search for web designers in Noida  ends here. What sets us apart is that we view website development from a user’s point of view making UI and UX our priority. This helps your website attain larger traffic rates. Our team of professionals help you create custom sites for your brands that target efficient user engagement. We cover everything from the initial coding to designing and the final delivery.



Understanding client’s requirements, business goals, what purpose need to be served, who is the target audience and kind of content need to be on the website is our primary focus.


Once prototype is approved, web development comes in to play. successful design include good codeing according to web standards, fuctional & DB connections. From the master page created coding other pages. The content is added to ensure correct flow. any changes needed to be made should be done during this phase. Check for compleate fonctionality of all the links, form submissions and all fuctionalities implemented work in accordence to the requirements finalized.

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A site that is worth every penny and the
best your dollars can buy, is our forte.


Putting a plan together based on the requirements gathered and finalizing it. We create a sitemap for pages to be and organize the web flow navigation by understanding the available resources and deciding on recent technologies to be used to build your website


After development and testing is done, transfering files to the live server and we perform a last munite run through and ensure its correctness. And your website is live for your audience to view!. If you are a person who like do frequent changes to your website like freequent re-designs, SEO changes you will need to get the maintenance done regulary. Ofcourse if you have a website you want it optimized for web.


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The growth of mobile internet usage is growing crazy nowadays which has resulted in responsive designing. Responsive web design is an art of designing websites for a multitude of screen sizes & devices. Google strongly recommends Responsive website Design to enhance user experience and in turn increase conversions. One design fits in to all. There are so many advantages in opting mobile friendly web design it enhances user experience, Improves site performance, increases your visibility in search engines, easier to manage & cost effective. Would you like to prepare your online presence for future then you are on right track. Get in touch with us for further more details on RWD.

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Custom website design is a unique web design strategy created for your business. Your website will be different from anyone else’s. A website should be tailored to fit needs of your visitors so that the information they are looking for is easy to find. Using appropriate layout, navigation, features, text-size, and so-on all contributes success to your website and ultimately success of your business; by highlighting Key performance indicators of your products or services which can increase conversions these options cannot be customised using ready template. 5ines custom designing services offers great design which suits your own business strategy. Speak to our strategist for more information.


Get a customized website to improve conversion and establish your brand in the web space.